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Tuesday, October 05, 2004


Actually, this is my third attempt at a blog; the first one was little more than a clipboard of interesting (to me, that is) stuff that I'd stumbled over on the web, while the second was designed for in-house consumption by my colleagues at my employer. However, spurred on by the sterling efforts of those same colleagues, maybe this blog will count as "third time lucky".

I'm going to write about what interests me; which is basically work-related stuff and, erm, "personal stuff". The former will reflect my interests in most things database, data warehouse and analytical, while the latter... well, you'll see!

So, as a public health warning, if you find the contents of one of those categories less appealing than the other, then all I can say is, don't read those posts. My colleague James Snape advised me to "blog as if no-one is reading", so that's what I intend to do.

Just at the moment, I'm waiting for new broadband access and a host which will allow me to use dasBlog software; for now, therefore, will suffice. I guess it's better to get writing and sort out the furniture later, than wait forever for the optimum environment and never get anything done.

That'll do for now; but, as Arnie said, "I'll be back"...

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