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Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Nights Like These

I hate insomnia; it's an absolute curse. I tell myself that I've learned to live with it, to not get wound up when it happens, to take the view that if I can't sleep tonight then I'll work through it, accept that I'll be good for nothing tomorrow afternoon (well, *this* afternoon, since it's 2.05 am local time as I write this), that worrying about it only makes it worse, yada yada yada... and all that is probably true, and I probably believe it most of the time... but right now, it sucks, and I resent it.

This makes four nights in seven that I have had three hours (or less) sleep. And I know (and adhere to) all the good advice about sleep management. The annoying thing is that I'm tired, really tired, but not sleepy. The worrying thing is that in the past, my sleep patterns have been a rock-solid barometer of my mental state, particularly as far as depression was concerned. Like I need to go through all *that* again, not! The worst episode of serial insomnia I can recall was six successive nights of three hours or less (two of them were no sleep at all). Truly, I was climbing the walls in desperation.

I came across a link on popgadget to MetroNaps which I had not heard of before. Just how desperate do you have to be to see an option on the Contact page titled "I'm interested in buying a MetroNaps™ pod. Email me a link to the digital brochure" and think, "I should do that"? (I didn't, but I thought about it.)

If I only needed three hours sleep a night, then I'd probably be grateful for all the extra hours in which to do stuff (or to deliberately *not* do stuff); but I need more than that. Really, anything less than seven hours a night and I'm toast. I'm toast *now*.

Rant over. ;-)

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