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Saturday, November 20, 2004

Normal service may be interrupted... :-(

OK, the time has come to begin migrating from Blogger; but I've decided to use Radio rather than dasBlog (as I had originally intended) because... well, because! ;-) However, I'm trying to migrate in a way which minimises a) inconvenience to you, my valued readers, b) any loss of existing content (posts and comments, for example) and c) stress on me. And there's already some stress; because I've discovered that migrating from Blogger isn't the simple exercise I'd been led to believe. But I like a challenge, so I'm plugging away.

So that the move is as painless as possible for you, and so you only have to change things a maximum of once, can I please ask the following:

1) If you read this blog in a browser (i.e. by browsing directly to can you please use from now on. At the moment, it's a simple redirect to the current page; but if you make the change now, then when I migrate the blog to Radio on another server you won't get left behind;

2) If you're using an aggregator that's pointing to the original Atom feed (i.e., can you *please* use the FeedBurner feed (i.e. instead; for precisely the same reason, i.e. it currently points to the Atom feed, but I can redirect it at the appropriate time without you having to do anything;

3) If you're using a web-based aggregator (e.g. Bloglines) that's pointing to either the old URL or the old feed, please can you modify the subscription to point to he new URL and / or feed.

Sorry to be a pain; but I'm encountering the limitations of Blogger and it's time to move forward.

This blog has been migrated to new software on a different server ( and comments on this post on *this* blog are now closed. All existing comments have been copied to the equivalent post on the new blog. If you still wish to comment on this post, please use the equivalent post at:


  • At 11:17 am, Blogger James Snape said…

    Do tell... Why Radio?

  • At 9:03 pm, Blogger Koan said…

    Why Radio over dasBlog? Primarily, because of Radio's inherent support for RSS enclosures and other "podcast-friendly" features. I'll go into more detail in a subsequent post.


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