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Friday, April 22, 2005

A quick heads-up: "Unreliable Evidence"

One of (in my opinion) the UK's national treasures, the BBC (dear old "Auntie Beeb") aired a documentary programme on Radio 4 last Monday evening, which discussed the legal aspects of a piece of legislation that I've mentioned before, the Gender Recognition Act. I've just listened to the programme, and I think it gives a fair, balanced and informative explanation of the "why and wherefore" of the Act, of the issues it addresses (and sadly, the issues it leaves unresolved). I'll write a more detailed review and commentary over the weekend, but since the BBC only streams programmes for seven days after they've been transmitted, I wanted to put a link to it up as soon as I could, so that you have a chance to listen, if you're interested. (Although the BBC seems to be embracing the vision of podcasting, this particular programme isn't one that you can download as an MP3 or similar file, yet; so, catch it now or you'll have to hunt around for an illicitly-recorded version).

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