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Thursday, November 25, 2004

"Finding your own voice"... ;-)

I really laughed out loud when I read Dave Slusher's post "Your Radio Voice", itself a response to a post on his own weblog by Robert Scoble, bemoaning his own perceived lack of a "radio voice" (which, having listened to Robert's appearances on e.g. .NETRocks! and ITConversations doesn't seem particularly valid, but that's just my personal opinion)... anyway, I had to laugh, because I will be doing some podcasting of my own, part of the rationale for which will be to track the change in my own voice; as I've written previously, my own voice (particularly on the telephone) causes me difficulties and I'm about to begin speech therapy to alleviate that, and I thought it would be fun to podcast in my voice as it evolves over the next few months. We'll see... I'm intending to record the first podcast this weekend, so it should see the light of day next week.

Having mentioned .NETRocks! (who've been, effectively, podcasting since way before the term was coined)... I must mention their new spin-off show, Mondays. I started listening to the first edition last Sunday, and made the mistake of doing so whilst driving to the store to pick up my week's groceries; I have not laughed so much in months. After the first twenty minutes I was nearly wetting myself, and had developed somewhat of the appearance of Alice Cooper by the time I reached the store, necessitating a spot of cosmetic repair (note to self; waterproof mascara was invented for a reason). I hesitate before recommending humour to others (because my own sense of humour is so individual that I'm aware my tastes aren't universally shared) but... try Mondays for yourself.

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