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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Move along, nothing to see here

I'm going to do the lion's share of the much-delayed migration from Blogger to Radio Userland tonight; I expect there will be a short period when this blog is unavailable. Please bear with me; I think I've thought of everything, but inevitably I'll foul up something... normal service will be resumed... eventually... ;-)

Update 9.07pm - well, I've exported the posts from here, without screwing up things at the Blogger end; now I just have to figure out why I'm getting the error "can't evaluate the expression because the name /pcdata hasn't been defined" when I try to import them into Radio; I can feel a quick email to Donovan Watts (of Radio: The Missing Manual fame, and now Radio's Librarian) might be advisable...

This blog has been migrated to new software on a different server ( and comments on this post on *this* blog are now closed. All existing comments have been copied to the equivalent post on the new blog. If you still wish to comment on this post, please use the equivalent post at:


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