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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Seven letters

Seven letters; that's all there are between 'M' and 'F' in the alphabet (at least, the alphabet I use). It doesn't sound much... but sometimes getting officialdom to cross that divide can seem overwhelming. Yesterday was a case in point; I went to the Pasport Office in London to apply for a replacement passport in my new name, with a new photo, and (correctly) listing my gender as female. All of my research had determined that I was entitled to this; and I had meticulously prepared all of my documentation to make the process as painless as possible. By 2.20pm I had that document in my hand; but at 9.30am, I had been told that the replacement passport would *not* be issued.

I've thought about documenting here, in detail, what happened yesterday; on reflection, I've decided not to. I'm overjoyed with the outcome, believe me; and the day will join the ranks of those significant days on my journey along this extended, challenging (yet simultaneously rewarding) journey of transition. But the details behind the day? I think I'll see if my currently patchy memory will file those somewhere that I won't constantly trip over them.

This has been, in truth, a tough, unpleasant and emotionally draining week, on a range of fronts: logistical nightmares in arranging my ongoing treatments; health worries about someone very close to me; work-related stress because of my ongoing memory problems (and the effect they have on me when I am unable to do things which I know I used to be able to do); moral dilemma because a former colleague has asked me to step over the bounds of what is reasonable (and tried to play the "guilt card" in the process) and he picked the wrong person to ask to lie on his behalf; and now the emotional turmoil of yesterday. I'd like to think that's enough for one week. So I'm going to work at home for the next few days, and hopefully recharge my rather depleted batteries.

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