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Monday, January 24, 2005

Great inventions of our time - heated hand-grips!

Yes, I went out for a ride; yes, it was cold; but since Cruella, a Honda Deauville (or "dull-ville", as my follicly-challenged Scots biker pal David would call her, despite the fact that he found her for me and convinced me to buy her) has heated hand-grips, a spot of cold air is a mere trifle! The roads were clear, with only a few patches where black ice might have been expected. and opening her up reminded me of why I love riding and, truthfully, despise driving. The route I took wasn't exactly on a par with the Duke's Pass in terms of challenge or scenery, but I still came back with a big grin plastered on my (annoyingly hairy) face.

Today, I have to be in North-West London for 9.00am, a journey I have to make every Monday. Last week, it took me a touch over three hours to make the journey by car, a distance of just over a hundred miles, primarily because of the traffic in the last twenty miles. Lottie (my white Ford Fiesta) keeps me warm and dry, bless her, but is no match for Cruella when it comes to cruising through crawling cars; I think the journey time would have been halved on Cruella. So, ideally, I'd like to ride up today, but the weather forecast is not too promising; according to the BBC's weather site, Sunday night promised "widespread frost in England and Wales... sleet or snow showers in east becoming heavier and giving some accumulation", while for Monday morning, the prospect is "sleet or snow showers persisting in East Anglia and southeast England". Much as I want to ride, even I don't interpret that as a particularly inviting set of riding conditions! Cold and wet weather doesn't bother me, but slippery road conditions (i.e. frost and snow) ought to give any rider pause for thought. The only weather conditions I absolutely hate, though, are strong, gusting winds (especially side-winds). Not fun at all.

So, having got up early in order to check, I think the wise decision is to drive. At least I can listen to a few podcasts on the journey there and back, so there's some compensation!

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