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Wednesday, January 12, 2005

A change a' coming

I've finally worked out exactly how to migrate this blog from Blogger to Radio in such a way as to a) maximise the utility I hope to achieve from the migration, whilst b) minimising the impact on existing readers / subscribers / listeners to this blog or to VoiceOver. I'm intending to perform the migration this Saturday (15 January) and, unless I've missed a vital step out of the planning, all readers, subscribers and listeners will know automatically exactly what (if anything) they need to do (assuming they want to continue reading / subscribing / listening, of course!)

So, if the site / feed content disappears temporarily, to be replaced with a "watch this space" post / audio file, then the migration is under way; and will be replaced by the migrated content at completion. Please, bear with me while this takes place. Once it's done, I've quite a backlog of new content to put up, so hopefully the wait will have been worthwhile.

This blog has been migrated to new software on a different server ( and comments on this post on *this* blog are now closed. All existing comments have been copied to the equivalent post on the new blog. If you still wish to comment on this post, please use the equivalent post at:


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