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Tuesday, December 14, 2004

RE: This evening after the party I went out(...)

So, having waxed lyrical about Douglas Coupland's writing in a previous post, I read this in Dave Winer's Scripting News
... They're software people who totally care about users, and are doing new things that people can really relate to. This, by the way, is the philosophy so beautifully expressed in Douglas Coupland's masterpiece, Microserfs. The concept of application software as a worthwhile end, the wierdness of nerd culture, the concept of 1.0.

[Via Scripting News]

If you still haven't read any of Microserfs, or indeed anything by Coupland, there's a sizable chunk from the book online at that link. Grab yourself a coffee, sit back and enjoy for a while.

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