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Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Catching Up

I've had a busy, interesting (and mildly worrying) few days; and am about to reach another significant milestone on my journey in the next few days, so this post is basically intended to bring a few things up to date.

On the plus side, I spent the weekend with my Mum and brother Russ; I feel a lot more relaxed when visiting them now, as something else isn't infecting the atmosphere with its odious presence. Amongst other things, I wanted to get Russ up-to-speed on the subject of podcasts and podcasting, because I'm after a suitable theme song for mine, and thought it would be a nice touch to give an ongoing plug to Russ's band The Chosen Few by using one of theirs. (To my mind, the best podcasts have a signature theme song which sets up the recognition circuits; when I hear a few bars of the Gentle Readers, I know I'm probably listening to Evil Genius Chronicles, for example). So, once we've settled on a suitable choice, I'll put my first podcast online.

Russ and I were surprised (and amused) to find that Vodafone considers his band's site to be worthy of content restriction (I dialled up over GPRS through Vodafone and access to the band's site was blocked). I really can't see why... still, if they're trying to cultivate a hard-living rock star reputation (and one look at their photos will assure you that they've all lived a pretty full life) then getting your site banned by a service provider strikes me as a good start! ;-)

On the minus, I kept falling asleep over the weekend. Given that I have a real problem with insomnia, part of me says that I should welcome *any* sleep, whenever I can get it; but daytime napping is very uncharacteristic for me. Which means I now have Mum on my case (like most Mums, she's not happy unless she's worrying about one of her brood). Oh joy. I hope this is a brief blip (although I still felt like I could happily fall asleep throughout yesterday) because I can't get the liver function test results I had last time out of my mind.

On the plus, I have an appointment next week for my first session of speech therapy! I can't express how excited I am about this. I've had a skinful of having to explain the discrepancy between my telephone voice and the details the other person at the other end has on their screen. Once this therapy starts, I will be trying to apply what I'm learning for as much of the day as I can, especially at work, so my long-suffering colleagues can look forward to some imminent auditory amusement at my expense... ;-)

Also on the plus, my domestic environment is coming together nicely. I live in a fantastic location, but I've had a bit of an ongoing problem with condensation (and some damp patches in the bathroom and my bedroom). The building's owners have started putting that right (no criticism should be attached to them for not sorting the problem out sooner; I kept forgetting to tell them there *was* a problem). I've ordered some fantastic recliners (which sadly won't arrive until early January) and today am taking delivery of a wicked piece of all-body aerobic exercise equipment. To explain; I've found that good aerobic exercise is a great way to help me to sleep, improve my general levels of energy and mood, and keep the waistline in check. Currently, I don't feel comfortable attending a gym; so I need to get my exercise in other ways. Apart from anything else, I'd like to drop a dress size (or two!); I certainly don't want the temptations of the new recliners to cause me to go *up* a size!

So, 2004 is drawing to a close with my situation feeling pretty sweet; it isn't perfect, but it's a whole lot better than it could be. (Sadly,"it isn't perfect" also seems to be the case with just now; their servers are obviously pretty shagged, and I've been trying to publish this post for a while now. Reminds me of one of the reasons for my imminent migration to Radio as a platform and different servers.)

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