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Thursday, December 02, 2004

Podcasting, baby! :-)

Time to stop talking, and start... er... talking... I've pretty much figured out how to do this now, so I'm going to be podcasting shows with the working title of "VoiceOver". I've recorded a short introductory MP3 (4 minutes 44 seconds, 2MB) which I think of as a manifesto... basically, it gives a bit of background on why I'm going to be podcasting, and specifically what I *won't* be talking about.

So long as I haven't fouled up, the file above appears as an enclosure in the RSS feed for this blog Although you can still download and listen to the manifesto by clicking on the above link, I've decided to remove it from the RSS feed for the podcast, so that people who decide to download all of the sessions won't automatically hear it (but each session's show notes will include a pointer to it); which means that if you use an enclosure-aware aggregator or an application like iPodder, then by pointing it at the feed URL, the manifesto (and all of the subsequent podcasts) will be automatically downloaded to your system, as if by technology.

I'll leave it at that for a couple of days, so I can iron out any bugs or issues with the feed (hopefully none) and put the first podcast proper up on Saturday. It'll be a bit of a musical extravaganza... muahahaha!

One thing that I forgot to include in the manifesto was an explanation for the name, VoiceOver; well, partly because I'm going to be doing a voice-over of things that interest me, such as music; but primarily because I'm *over* and *done* with the voice I've got, will be starting speech and language therapy to change it on Monday, and want to record the change in my voice over time. So, VoiceOver... hopefully no-one else is already using that name, but I'll use something else if that's the case.

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  • At 10:18 pm, Blogger James Snape said…


    Quality is good. Can hear your voice well but there is a slight sound of computer noise in the background and it sounds like you are sitting in the bathroom because of the echo. Can't wait for the podcast though.


  • At 10:45 pm, Blogger Koan said…


    Did you download directly, or through iPodder? I'm not entirely convinced the latter route is working... as for the background hum, actually that's the dehumidifer; probably ought to turn it off while recording in the future. And as I look around this room (my dining room) there is a lack of soft furnishings, which probably accounts for the echo. Thanks for the feedback!


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