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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

This is why I like audio so much

One reason why I like listening to podcasts by other people is that occasionally you trip over something that really touches you, that makes you stop and think. IT Conversations has been going for about three years now, and the title is misleading, because the content isn't just about IT. As with this show. At this time of year, more than any other, download it, listen to it, and think about it, I urge you. Barry Schwartz has absolutely nailed the problems of excessive choice, in my opinion. And, judging by the gales of laughter from the audience as he was talking, he's a pretty entertaining presenter.

I subscribe to the IT Conversations' RSS feed in my news aggregator, RSS Bandit; the feed describes each new show as it's added, I add the ones that sound interesting to my personal queue, and then iPodder downloads them for me next time it runs. It's a slick arrangement, and Doug Kaye (who runs IT Conversations) has some exceptionally good ideas in the area of user-customisation of this service that I'm following with interest.

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