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Friday, December 24, 2004

Oooops... Domain name registration had expired...

So, in the past I've recommended that people access this blog through the domain name (rather than through the URL) primarily because I always intended to move this blog to run under Radio Userland software and would just redirect the domain name when I had performed the migration... well, it probably would have been a good idea if I had remembered to renew the domain name registration; which has now expired and been suspended... what an idiot. Anyway, I've now renewed it and it should be active again "within 48 hours"; which, at this time of year, could mean anything! :-( Entirely my fault, and I apologise to anyone who's had problems accessing this blog in the last week or so.

Anyway, now I've got some spare time over Christmas, I intend to do the migration; but not until the domain name works again. Just exactly how stupid do I feel? ;-)

Update 25 December 2004 08:38 GMT - lives again! :-) Much respect to (the domain name registrar) for sorting out my muck-up, and well inside 24 hours at that.

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