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Friday, December 24, 2004

Season's Greetings

I'm not a big fan of this time of year, to be honest; for a variety of reasons. Because I'm not a Christian, it has no religious significance for me. Because I'm not motivated by material things, I find the rampant orgy of commercialism which abounds at this time of year, frankly, disgusting. Because I absolutely respect the right of others to hold whatever religious beliefs they choose, I feel ashamed at what the society I live in has turned this season into (even bearing in mind the point of view which says that the timing and motivation of this season has more to do with pagan celebrations such as Yule and Saturnalia than it does with alleged events of two millennia ago). I have no happy memories of childhood Christmases; and vivid memories of particularly unpleasant personal events which have occurred at this time of year, especially in adult life. So, all told, this period is a dead loss for me.

I don't like being a wet blanket around others who are more enamoured of the occasion than I am, and so I deflect all invitations to spend it with others. However, I know that many people derive a great deal of pleasure and fulfilment from it; and to all of you, whatever your personal views of this time of year, I wish the very best of season's greetings.

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