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Friday, January 14, 2005

Two new Podcasts I thoroughly recommend

One for the technologists; one for the music fans (which makes two if, like me, you're a music-loving technologist!)

Firstly, IT Matters (RSS feed with enclosures), which is a general IT programme covering trends in the industry and in-depth interviews. I've listened to the first two of these, and the audio quality and production values of these is excellent. This is billed as "ZDNet's experimental podcast", and I hope it becomes a fixture rather than a test.

I'll admit another motive for hoping that the IT Matters podcast flourishes; the host, David Berlind, contacted me after hearing Adam Curry play an extended audio comment (about 25 minutes into the show, if you're interested) which I submitted to the 13 December 2004 edition of the Daily Source Code (RSS feed with enclosures) on the subject of content management and metadata integration in podcasts, and we've been exchanging ideas in this area since then. This, to me, is indicative of the community spirit currently prevailing among podcast producers and listeners, and I think it's a really healthy sign that simply listening to another person's podcast can open up new dialogues and generate new ideas.

On the musical side, a post on Robert Scoble's blog led me to The Soundtrack Factory, which is, in my opinion, a fascinating idea; musical soundtracks to unmade films, with the choice of songs moving the story forwards. When I saw that the soundtrack for Cinnamon Girl included Pearl Jam's "Rearviewmirror" (one of my top ten, all-time-favourite songs) and a track by Tool (definitely my favourite band, although the track used, "Cesaro Summability" isn't a particular favourite of mine, but that's just nit-picking) I knew I'd found a (musical) kindred spirit. Enjoy! (There is an RSS feed for the site, but not with enclosures, so podcast fans will have to download the files directly, rather than using iPodder or similar, but that's a minor gripe).


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