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Thursday, January 27, 2005

I'm a morning person, but this is ridiculous...

I'm beginning to wonder whether I'll ever sleep consistently again. As I begin to type this, it's 3.05am, I've already been up an hour, and was awake in bed for half an hour before that. Honestly, I've got beyond worrying about it, and now laugh about it. There's no obvious reason why I *should* be awake; I'm not worrying or brooding about anything, I don't have any physical ailments that would wake me up; I'm really at a loss to explain it. It worries me in one particular respect, though; if I need to travel (i.e. drive or ride my motorbike) anywhere, I need to know that I'm going to be alert enough to travel *back* safely.

For example, I need to go into the office today and tomorrow. I really needed to be in the office for the last couple of days, but my car Lottie had other ideas (her hydraulic clutch decided to jam either in gear or out of gear; fortunately, she's still under warranty so it was an inconvenience rather than an expense). I could have ridden Cruella in; but the weather for the last few days has been the wrong side of iffy for two-wheel travel (constant threats of snow and ice which could have led to me getting in to work but not being able to get home again). Now Lottie's repaired, I have a server I need to be in the office to build so that I can then access it remotely, I have at least three colleagues I need to spend some face-to-face time with; for me, the ideal solution would be to go into the office *now*, do a typical working day and then come home again before I collapse from exhaustion over the steering wheel. But, since my body clock is completely out of sync with my colleagues, I'd be thinking about heading home before they've even had their morning cuppa! :-)

Maybe I need to work remotely for an Australia-based company; that way, I'd be awake and working (here) at the same time as they're awake and
working there. ;-) At which point my body clock would probably revert to daylight hours over here, just to be annoying!

Actually, thinking about it, I can see the attraction of going in to the office now. I can get the server built without needing anyone else to be there, then I can get together with my colleagues as early as is convenient for them, once they're in; and then I'm going to come home before I get exhausted. Sounds like a plan to me!

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