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Friday, January 28, 2005

"You Rock!" Award #1 - Steven Garrity

683.1 MB, 11.6 hours of absolute listening pleasure... that's what my freshly-burned CD of the first eighteen sessions of Steven Garrity's outstanding podcast "Acts of Volition Radio" equates to, in my opinion. Steven's shows follow the format I aspire to for VoiceOver, i.e. he plays a selection of music, with commentary in between the tracks about why he's chosen them. Most of the shows have a loose theme, e.g. live versions, name-dropping... even Session Seventeen, the Christmas session, features a quirky selection of tracks that didn't offend a Christmas curmudgeon like me. He's based in Canada, and there is a strong emphasis on Canadian bands and artists in his selection; which I have no problem with at all. I love discovering music I haven't heard before, and there are some absolute gems amongst his selections that I probably wouldn't have heard otherwise, but have now sent me scurrying to internet CD stores to see if I can find more of their offerings. (Note to the RIAA: that means that CD sales are going *up* as a result of podcasting, not down.) If I have a personal favourite among the shows, I think it is Session Sixteen; but they're all great. The CD now lives in my car; and I look forward to compiling a Volume Two as Steven continues to record new shows.

Steven... you rock!

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