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Saturday, March 26, 2005

RE: CrossOver Session Four - "Post-Electrolysis Skincare"

Now online (MP3, 2.00 MB, 8 minutes 40 seconds, 32kbps) - due to my ongoing memory lapses, I completely forgot to talk in Session Three about the condition of the skin after electrolysis, and skincare recommendations. Consider this as Session 3.5... ;-)

As an experiment, I've encoded this session at 32kbps (rather than the 64kbps I've used previously); since this is primarily a speech-only show, I think the drop in audio quality is more than offset by the halving in the downloaded file size. Also, to improve the user experience of those who use iTunes / iPod to play their podcasts, I've changed the Song Name, Artist and Album ID3 tags to work more effectively in that environment. Please let me know (by email or comment) if you approve or disapprove of either (or both) of these changes.

[Via CrossOverPodcast]

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