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Monday, April 04, 2005

I apologise for being stupid

Stupid, stupid, stupid... I *must* be losing my grip. Cart me off to the farm right now.

In this post, I expressed this view:

...I've just read two posts that appeared in quick succession on Dave Winer's "Scripting News" blog that confirm why I read his writing; which is that here is a guy who tells it from the heart, as he sees it, and truly doesn't give a f*** if others have a hard time with that aspect of himself. Which is a trait I admire, and also try to live by.

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And, then, I allowed myself to get suckered into responding to a comment which picked me up for suggesting that someone believing what they write confers some special merit on their words, citing four specific, inflammatory examples (chosen, I suspect, precisely *because* they're inflammatory) to show I'm a klutz. The thing is, I didn't just say that someone had to believe what they write; what I *said* was that Dave Winer "tells it from the heart, as he sees it, **and truly doesn't give a f*** if others have a hard time with that aspect of himself**. " The double-stars surround the missing element; and, forgive me, but I don't think that could be said of any of the four personages cited in the comment. A conservative political commentator, a (I wouldn't know *how* to describe Ward Churchill), a "politician" (in the loosest possible sense) and a politician; but people, I suggest, who aren't adequately described by the part betweeen the double stars.

So, really, I *am* stupid; stupid for not realising that what I said was being taken out of context. I served my time debating in Usenet newsgroups; I used to be better at the game than this! ;-)

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