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Monday, March 28, 2005

RE: Power to the People

It might surprise some people, particularly those who know that I am most definitely *not* a Christian, to learn that one of my favourite blogs is Brian Bailey's "Leave It Behind". For a variety of reasons; Brian is an intelligent developer, a clear and thought-provoking writer, and an excellent "meta-filter" for want of a better term. That he works for, and is an enthusiastic advocate for, a particularly evangelical church is not an issue for me; the fact that I wouldn't (by choice) sit in his church's congregation doesn't mean that I'm not interested in what they think and believe... far from it. Anyway, a recent post on Brian's blog was:

The brilliant Martin Fowler continues the recent theme that the key to developing quality software is to hire positive, talented, highly-motivated developers and then remove all obstacles that stand in their way. Read PeopleMatterMost.

[Via Leave It Behind > Brian Bailey]

Martin Fowler's article is not the first that I've read proposing that philosophy; indeed, it's a line of thinking I've long espoused. But Martin's article may be the clearest justification I've yet read.

And the moral of this message is: I don't work for nothing, and I don't come cheaply! ;-)

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