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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

CrossOver - Session One

Oft threatened, oft delayed... I've finally started my second audio show, "CrossOver". Because I'm having a few last minute hitches with my blog's migration to Radio, I've started CrossOver as a separate Blogger blog; it will probably turn out to be one of the shortest-living blogs in living memory, as it may well be migrated in a matter of hours! Oh well... anyway, if you're interested, here's a copy of the inaugural post (stripped of the hyperlinks to the MP3 files, so they don't end up in VoiceOver by mistake)

Now online (MP3, 4.25 MB, 9 minutes 15 seconds)

By popular demand, and against my initial reservations... welcome to the first session of CrossOver (RSS Feed) my occasional audio show which discusses some aspects of my experience of living with Gender Dysphoria, and all the fun and games that follow as a consequence.

I've decided to record this show in response to feedback from readers of my blog and listeners to my other audio show, VoiceOver (RSS feed); for reasons that I've written about on my blog, and described in this short audio file (MP3, 1.89 MB, 4 minutes 06 seconds) I do not discuss anything to do with Gender Dysphoria in VoiceOver. This show, CrossOver, is intended to provide a forum for those topics which, therefore, I haven't discussed in audio before.

Confused? Join the club! ;-)

I'll state at the outset that I don't envisage continuing CrossOver much beyond my final surgery, around about a year from now; and I'm making no commitment as to how frequently (or infrequently) future sessions will appear until then; and if I don't receive much feedback from the initial shows (or rather, if I don't receive much *positive* feedback) then I may not feel sufficiently enthused to record further sessions. Which is a long-winded way of saying, if you like what you hear (or if you *don't* like what you hear) please leave a comment (without revealing your name, if you're shy) or drop me an email at koanbremner (at) gmail (dot) com - absolute discretion guaranteed.

Enough of the preamble; on with the motley!

Show notes to follow in a day or so (I have a habit of forgetting to put the show notes online after the event, so if I neglect to do so, please give me a nudge, someone...)

[Via CrossOver]

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