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Saturday, March 05, 2005

GenderTalk radio now has a podcast RSS feed!

I mentioned in the first session of CrossOver that one of my favourite online audio shows is GenderTalk ("talking about transgenderism in the first person") but that technically it didn't qualify as a podcast (because you had to manually download the show from their site or the Internet Archive, rather than use a podcatching client) as they didn't have an RSS feed with enclosures. I also mentioned that I probably ought to email them.

Well, I did (remembering to follow up on something is quite a rarity for me, these days!)... and they have responded with just such a feed - respect! Currently, the feed only contains the latest show, coincidentally their 500th (to my mind, adding a podcast feed is a great way to mark that milestone) but more than 350 of the older shows are still available for download.

As I'm preparing my second session of CrossOver, a question that has been going around in my mind is, if I list the show in the directory, exactly *where* in that directory should I list it? If GenderTalk is listed, I would want to put CrossOver in the same place; my concern is that I'm not sure that, really, *any* of the current categories fit! ;-) I've emailed Adam Curry (in his capacity as overall maintainer of the directory) to ask for his thoughts and have suggested that, even though he's recently trimmed down the directory structure, a new node "Alternate Lifestyles" might be appropriate; general enough not to be restricted to just transgender issues, neutral enough not to be offensive (I don't see why anyone *should* be offended, of course, but, for example, I wouldn't want CrossOver listed anywhere under "Sex" for example, because it's not about sex). I've even offered to maintain that directory node. Anyway, we'll see what happens.

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