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Saturday, March 05, 2005

RE: CrossOver Session Two - "The First Time"

Now online (MP3, 8.8 MB, 19 minutes 11 seconds) - in which I give some thoughts on how to approach the challenge of telling someone for the first time that you are (or may be) transgendered; and why to try not to make too much of a deal about it.

Following on from a previous post, a new category, "Gender", has been added to the directory; to which I have now added CrossOver (so if you use a podcatching client that can select feeds from the directory, you can now select this show directly without typing in the RSS feed address). As it happens, the editor of this node of the directory is... me. ;-) Thanks, Adam; boing! The fine folks at GenderTalk are also listed, in the same category; double boing!

So, if by any chance you produce (or know of ) a relevant podcast that isn't listed elsewhere in that directory, then I'll be happy to add them to the Gender category (just fill in the form on the "suggest a link" page, which will send me the details). If there's a podcast that isn't in the directory, doesn't really fit under Gender, but might be appropriate in another category, then I recommend that you use the "suggest a link" on the appropriate category to send the suggestion to the appropriate editor.

[Via CrossOver]

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