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Monday, March 07, 2005

RE: Ruby and Brian gave me a bunch of(...)

Having written about my reorganisation of my news aggregator to support my reading habits, I've caught up on some of the feeds I've rather neglected recently. As proof of why I like to at least skim a feed rather than just "mark all read", if I had done the latter, I would likely have missed this:
Ruby and Brian gave me a bunch of presents as I was leaving Chapel Hill on Sunday. One of them was a rocking Buddha designed for dashboard mounting. Today I installed the Buddha and he kept me company while I was driving. Of course I immortalized him with a movie.

[Via Scripting News]

Want one! :-)

Update - something odd appears to be occurring with Feedburner, in that if I quote an article which contains a link to a media file, then that file may get added as an enclosure to *this* post. That wasn't my intention. Sorry.

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