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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Comments are now closed on this blog; they will be enabled on the migrated version in a day or so

Much as I love receiving comments on this blog... I'm going to close new comments (but leave the exisiting ones visible, in perpetuity). This is to ease the final stages of the blog migration to Radio Userland at All of the existing content and comments will be reproduced on the new blog; all I ask is a little forbearance for the next few hours while I finish the task! ;-)

Update 07:05 BST 14 May 2005 - all comments are now closed, and I have put a tombstone notice on each post. Once I've copied the comments across, I'll update each tombstone with the URL of the corresponding post in the new blog. I'm having to fit this furniture-shifting around other matters, so it's taking longer in elapsed time than I'd hoped; c'est la vie!

This blog has been migrated to new software on a different server ( and comments on this post on *this* blog are now closed. All existing comments have been copied to the equivalent post on the new blog. If you still wish to comment on this post, please use the equivalent post at:


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