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Thursday, May 05, 2005

UK Election Day - Vote!

In my humble opinion, it is the civic duty of every citizen who *has* the vote to *use* their vote; even if their decision is to spoil their paper or otherwise make a conscious, measurable decision to reject all of the availabale candidates. Bring me a reason why you won't vote, and I'll counter with a case why you're hurting nobody but yourself. I've listened to all manner of excuses on the radio over over the last week as to why people aren't going to bother to vote; "my vote won't make a difference"... "they're all as bad as each other"... "I can't be bothered"... sheesh.

Personally, I'm less concerned about *who* you vote for than that you vote at all. JFDI. If you don't, then, in my humble opinion, you have *no* right to bitch and moan when the next Government does something you disagree with. Which they will. But you have a voice, and can use it; vote today, and then hold your Member of Parliament to account for *their* actions, their party leader to account for their *party's* policies, and the Prime Minister accountable for his Government's actions. Writing to any (or all) of them is an enlightening activity; your MP *has* to respond, the others tend to. Make them listen. Dislike democracy? Use the democratic process to campaign for a change to a system you, personally, prefer. Disagree with the voting structure? Campaign to change it.

Too apathetic to cast your vote? You deserve everything you get. In my humble opinion. I'm driving over 400 miles today to make sure my vote gets counted. Because it's my *duty*.

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