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Monday, May 09, 2005


The more I travel around the world consulting with public broadcasters, the more I realize that Greg and Karen are truly on the forefront of a new generation of radio. Personal. Risk-taking. Surprising. Everything that radio strives to be, but somehow misses.

And the more I meet people like Chris from Simulacrum (the funniest freakin podcast on the planet!!) and Koan Bremner, the more I realize that folks like this have much to teach radio.

They are re-inventing our medium and breaking all the rules because they dont know what the rules are! As a result, they're producing incredibly compelling radio.

Radio will never, ever, be the same. Its great.

[Via: I Love Radio .org]

Words spoken by someone who doesn't know what he's on about? Not according to the organisations quoted here.

Quite frankly, with everything else that's going on in my life, it's reassuring to learn that other people see a spark of creativity and originality in what I'm trying to do. For once, I'll take a moment to reflect on and savour that thought. Thanks, Tod!

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